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Food You've Been Eating Wrong This Whole Time

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Human beings have a tendency to make things more difficult then they really need to be, a fact borne out by this list of food you've been eating wrong. What's that, you say? There are ways to eat without having to deal with tiny little hermetically-sealed packages and slimy spills? Well, yes.

In most cases, the manufacturers of these products were just trying to make their foods easier to consume, a not-insignificant feat considering many of these items can be messy and frustrating. Fortunately, they've left us clues on how you're actually supposed to eat certain foods. Even better, employing the intended techniques isn't time consuming in the least, and you just may be able to find a better, more efficient way to fully enjoy the snacks you love.

Read on to learn some food hacks you never knew, and soon you will be impressing your friends with your way-cool foodie knowledge, from tearing into Chinese takeout to dunking your fries with ease.

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    Picking at the shell of hard boiled egg doesn't have to be as painstaking as you might think. The trick to an easily-peeled egg lies in the cooking process. While you're boiling your eggs, add baking soda to the water.

    When you go to peel the egg later, the shell will all but fall off with one or two cracks.

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    Sometimes, trying to peel a banana from the stem can be tough and awkward. You can easily use a little too much force and cause the banana to come squishing out at the unopened seams.

    The answer is to flip the banana over and peel it from the bottom up. Peeling from this angle is often cleaner and quicker than relying on the stem. Besides, this is how monkeys do it.

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    Whether plain or barbecue, buffalo or teriyaki, chicken wings are a true culinary delight. But you've probably been exerting way too much effort in getting all the meat off the bone. Simply pull off the cartilage from the wider side of the wing, grab hold of the bone, and pull it out with a gentle twist. Then, enjoy the wing in one bite!

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    There's always room for tacos. Sadly, making a mess with a crispy taco is astonishingly easy: one bite, and the whole delicious thing could collapse. Next time, when you're dressing your taco, wrap all the fixings (meat, cheese, veggies, etc.) in a large piece of lettuce. Then, slip the packed envelope of lettuce into the shell. The two pockets ensure a cleaner, quicker bite every time.

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