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The Best Foods That Are Places

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List RulesOnly actual names for foods. No food where the place is an adjective, like Korean tacos.

Every region seems to have their own special type of cuisine. Californians put avocado on everything, Wisconsinites have a cheese soup, the British are big on pudding, and the Germans sure know how to make a great sausage! Sometimes these regional foods are so distinctive they even get their name from the region itself. When this happens, you wind up with some fascinating food named after places.

Of course, sometimes where a place-food comes from isn't where it actually gets its name. Maybe it was inspired by a certain location, or maybe the chef was originally from there. These foods named after places, states, cities, or countries often simply pay homage to a locale, whether they're from there or not.

No matter how or why these dishes were named what they are, nothing stops them from being super tasty. How many of these foods named after places do you recognize? And which do you think is the best? You can vote now and see what other people think the best place-centric food is.
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