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Things You've Been Doing Wrong In The Kitchen Your Entire Life: Common Cooking Mistakes

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Cooking involves a lot of trial and error, and one of the means many people use to learn is through watching others cook. But because of this, it's easy to see how to prepare foods in the wrong manner. Similar to how many of us eat food the wrong way, common cooking mistakes happen because everyone else uses, and endorses, the same problematic methods.

To avoid wasting your food and to maximize your ingredients' potential, check out many of these helpful kitchen hacks you likely never knew. You may be surprised to learn how to make mashed potatoes properly, or that your pasta water could help you create a delicious sauce to go along with your linguine. For those concerned with wasting food, this list also delves into the incorrect ways some foods are stored.

Once you realize all the things you've been cooking wrong, your culinary experience might improve for the better. 

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