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Foods You Have to Work for That Are Totally Worth It

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What are the best foods that are difficult to eat? Some may say that the best food is the easiest to consume - the foods that grow on a vine as if they’re asking to be plucked and digested. Fruits and vegetables like apples, grapes, and tomatoes are perfectly easy to eat and they’re great for you; no fuss, and no muss. While we love apples as much as the next person, we also really love food that puts up a fuss. Seriously, when was the last time you truly enjoyed chomping into a nice slice of cucumber. Yawn. The kinds of food that people really love are not only the kinds that fight back, but also the meals that take you down with them. You know, foods that you have to work for, but that are totally worth it.

Humans have come a long way since being were cave people. But in our heart of hearts (i.e. the second heart we keep inside our hearts) we’re animals, and there’s nothing that we love more than tearing into delicious food that’s trying to keep us from eating it. Whether it’s because the food is too messy (sloppy joes), or if it’s because the food is seemingly impossible to eat (crab legs, delicious, delicious crab legs), those are the noshes that many are drawn to. Tie on a bib, and prepare to face down the foods that are totally worth the work.

Leave us a comment and let us know if you’ve figured out a way around making yourself look like a fool after eating any of these super messy, difficult to eat foods, and be sure to upvote the hard to eat foods below that are totally worth the very real struggle.