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Foods You Never Knew Could Make You Hallucinate

Updated 21 Sep 2018 78.9k views10 items

As it turns out, there is a psychedelic plant - and food - world beyond jimson weed, THC, and other iconically trippy vegetation. Evidence suggests that many hallucinogenic foods may already be waiting for you in your local grocery aisle, or even in that seemingly harmless, run-of-the-mill ham and rye sandwich. In other words, foods with psychedelic side effects - or that can at least get you high, period - might just be as easily accessible as alcohol, if not more so, according to recent reports. (Which doesn't necessarily mean that indulging in them is an idea that's guaranteed to catapult you down an ecstatically surreal rabbit hole, of course: it may turn out to be a serpent's hole instead)

Read on to find out why the family of foods that can make you hallucinate is far more expansive, and connected, than you likely ever imagined.