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22 Things To Eat To Naturally Induce Labor, Ranked By Moms

Updated August 14, 2019 65 votes 14 voters22 items

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Moms, it’s time to share your wisdom. We’ve rounded up a list of items rumored to be labor inducing foods. And we need your vote.

Should black licorice, eggplant parmesan, and Chalupa Supremes be on the list of foods that induce labor? These items are all rumored to help kickstart contractions, but some are reportedly more successful than others. Spicy foods are another popular choice when it comes to inducing labor.

How to induce labor when you’re past your due date? Many women swear by fruits, such as pineapple, to induce labor. There are also a bunch of recipes for labor inducing cookies that many women see as the key to drug-free induction. Ginger cookies could be the answer to your prayers. If you're hoping not to eat anything, there are labor inducing drinks as well. One great example of a drink that can kickstart labor is red raspberry leaf tea. There are also a handful of restaurants with foods that they swear help expectant mothers go into labor. Celebrities such as Hilary Duff have been known to travel to Caioti Pizza Cafe in Studio City, California for their labor inducing salad.

Read below to check out all the foods to induce labor, and weigh in on what you’ve found helpful. Expectant mothers everywhere will thank you!

  • Garlic is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 22 Things To Eat To Naturally Induce Labor, Ranked By Moms
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    Eating a lot of garlic can help to stimulate your bowels. That can then help to empty your bowels, making more room for the baby to move lower in your body. And once the baby moves down, they can engage more with your uterus and cervix, readying you for labor.

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    • Eggplant inducing labor is an old wives' tale. There's no proof that it can actually help, but there's also no risk to mom or baby if you choose to go this route.

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      • Balsamic vinegar is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 22 Things To Eat To Naturally Induce Labor, Ranked By Moms
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        Balsamic vinegar is also rumored to induce labor. It supposedly can "bump your body over the edge" if you're past your due date and are ready to go. It's also an ingredient in the famous "THE" salad at Caioti Pizza Cafe in Studio City, California.

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        • Some say that Chinese food, specifically spicy dishes such as Szechuan chicken or beef, can induce labor. It is believed that the food can kickstart contractions because it stimulates the digestive system. 

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