Foods You'd Eat Everyday If You Didn't Gain Weight

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Everyone likes eating, but it seems like everything delicious is loaded with calories, fat, and sugar. Let's play a game and pretend we live in a world without consequences. What food would you eat everyday if it didn't make you fat? Would it be something fatty and salty, like delicious french fries? Would you opt for something savory and greasy, like a beautiful pizza pie, fresh from the oven? Or would you indulge your sweet tooth with a classic like fudgey brownies and ice cream? In this thought experiment all of these delicious foods that make you fat would have absolutely no calories.

Which foods would you absolutely never tire of if you could indulge every day? Which of your favorite foods would you pick to indulge in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Vote up your choices and add anything you feel is missing. 

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