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Forbes 400 Top Richest People in America

Updated July 9, 2019 118.8k views392 items

The Richest People in America according to Forbes magazine. The 400 wealthiest Americans are listed here for you to sort through. Some of these people here may also be in the running for the wealthiest people in the world. Feel free to use this list as a starting point for your own list of America's wealthiest people.

So who are the richest Americans? Who sits atop the socioeconomic heap as the wealthiest person in America? This list of Forbes' 400 wealthiest individuals should provide all the answers you seek. You'll see a number of famous names (George Lucas, Donald Trump, and Steven Spielberg) and people you haven't heard of before. But, the one common link between them is that they're the richest people in the US.

Check out the list and just image that someday, you too might rank among the wealthiest people in America.