21 Forbidden Snacks You Want To Eat But Can't

You're desperatly going to want to eat these forbidden snacks after seeing these photos, but you can't, because they're not actually food. Ever noticed how blow-up matresses look like ice cream sandwiches? You get the idea.

  • 1. Forbidden Burrito

    Forbidden Burrito
    Photo: Reddit
    359 votes
  • 2. Forbidden Broccoli

    Forbidden Broccoli
    Photo: Reddit
    300 votes
  • 3. Forbidden Bacon

    Forbidden Bacon
    Photo: Reddit
    266 votes
  • 4. Forbidden Loaf Of Bread

    Forbidden Loaf Of Bread
    Photo: Reddit
    275 votes
  • 5. Forbidden Ice Cream

    Forbidden Ice Cream
    Photo: Reddit
    314 votes
  • 6. Forbidden Spicy Honey

    Forbidden Spicy Honey
    Photo: Twitter
    274 votes