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Be Wary Of Displaying These Recognizable Symbols With Powerful Mystical Connections

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Before you doodle mystic symbols in your notebook or get meta-spiritual tattoos inked on your body, consider what types of spirits those strange sigils may invoke. Some symbols might seem familiar, and even safe enough to appear on everyday items like Oreo cookies. However, they shouldn't necessarily be displayed by ordinary folks unless you're trying to get yourself into some seriously dark stuff.

Just like how some forbidden words act as incantations (and invitations) for sinister energy, some satanic symbols are too dastardly or ominous to be advertised by just anyone. These symbols are powerful runes that can invite dark spirits into your vicinity. Whenever you see these symbols, keep your head on a swivel. Otherwise, you're just asking to hang out with whatever diabolical being has been summoned as a result of someone else playing fast and loose with symbols intrinsically connected to mystic forces.

  • Chakana

    The Chakana, or Incan Cross, is revered by the Incas as the most sacred of geometrical symbols. While tourists of the Andes can purchase a souvenir Chakana, this shouldn't detract from the fact that it carries a great deal of power. Much like a yin-yang symbol, this ancient and revered cross can represent the divine good of the upper world as well as the ominous powers of the underworld.

    The top of the symbol represents the upper world, Hanan Pacha, followed by the middle realm, Kay Pacha. The bottom of the cross represents the lower world, Uqhu Pacha. The snake featured on the Uqhu Pacha portion depicts death and the underworld. Drawing this sacred symbol may inadvertently call for the energy of all these universal tiers.

  • Sator Square

    Photo: M Disdero / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    A Sator Square is comprised of five, five-letter words that create a square palindrome. When rotated at any angle, the square always displays the same word. This quad-directional palindrome is called a four-times palindrome and also serves as an incantation.

    From a spiritual perspective, palindromes are also supposedly immune from Satan's clutches

  • The Helm Of Awe

    The Helm of Awe is a powerful and protective Viking symbol. The actual Helm of Awe was said to be taken by Germanic mythological legend Sigurd, who bested a great dragon and took the Helm of Awe from its lair. The dragon claimed that the Helm gave him invincibility.

    Vikings inscribed this insignia on their foreheads before they charged into battle to represent victory. 

  • Thaumaturgic Triangle

    Unless summoning is the goal, there's no need to sketch a Thaumaturgic Triangle. Acting as a portal between the spirit realm and the earthly world, this triangle-within-a-circle is basically a door for any ethereal being interested in making the cross over.

    If the desire is to summon a demon, then definitely avoid drafting a permanent inscription of this sigil. Doing so traps the spirit, which may cause it to rebel and seek vengeance for its capture. If it's drawn in your home, you're inviting the presence to set up permanent residence there as well.