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16 Mind-Blowing Moments Of Foreshadowing In The 'Back to the Future' Trilogy

There's no argument that the Back to the Future trilogy is one of the most fun and influential franchises from the '80s. Each film works perfectly as a piece of popcorn entertainment, and the well-constructed storylines don't leave much room for error. The Back to the Future Easter eggs collected here highlight the franchise's many veiled references and instances of foreshadowing.

These Back to the Future hidden messages show how it's crazy that film director Robert Zemeckis didn't think the original movie warranted a sequel, despite it being full of foreshadowing for the rest of the franchise. Once you finish reading about all the foreshadowing in Back to the Future, go back and watch the films to see if there's anything else you can catch

  • The 'Wild Gunman' Game Sets Up The Third Film

    When Marty travels to 2015, he stops into the Cafe '80s for a nostalgia trip. While there, he plays an arcade game called Wild Gunman. This is a real-life arcade game featuring a character named Mad Dog, which also happens to be the primary antagonist's name in Back to the Future Part III.

    This short scene in Back to the Future Part II establishes how Marty is good with guns and makes for a quick draw - two things important in the third film.

  • Doc's Locomotive Shirt

    It's hard not to see all of the foreshadowings to Back to the Future Part III in its prequel Back to the Future Part II. Since the crew shot the movies back to back, this meant Robert Zemeckis could reference specific set pieces in both films. For example, there is western imagery woven through the second film.

    Another instance involves Doc wearing a patterned shirt with locomotives - a direct reference to the third film's finale.

  • The McFly Car Accidents

    A major part of the McFly family history involves car accidents. In the original timeline, George meets Lorraine after a car hits him, but in the altered timeline, it's Marty. Similarly, in the second installment of the franchise, there's a hint about Marty and Jennifer being in a car accident - one that ruined Marty's life - involving a Rolls-Royce.

    Like his father in the original timeline, Marty has a family, but there's a dark cloud hanging over his head. In the third film, this accident plays out, but thanks to Marty's experiences over the course of the franchise, he handles the situation with care and doesn't get all smashed up.

  • The Biff Tannen Museum

    Back to the Future Part II introduces the audience to the darkest timeline, a 1985 where Biff Tannen makes a ton of money betting with Grays Sports Almanac, then builds a monument to himself: Biff Tannen's Pleasure Paradise Casino and Hotel, which features the Biff Tannen Museum on the main floor.

    One of the videos in the museum tells the history of Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen. While this could have served as a throwaway moment, it sets up the entire third film.