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Little Details In M. Night Shyamalan Movies That Should Have Made Their Endings Obvious

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M. Night Shyamalan’s filmography is littered with surprise twist endings. At the end of The Sixth Sense audiences learn Dr. Malcolm Crowe was dead all along, while in The Village the twist is the film’s events are set during modern times.

Thankfully, after a few critical disasters, Shyamalan triumphantly returned to the genre that kicked off his career. More recent Shyamalan films - such as The Visit and Split - make excellent use of Shyamalan’s signature twist endings.

When Shyamalan is at the top of his game, his films have a unique ability to shock an audience and force them to rethink each scene that came prior. In retrospect, the ending can seem almost obvious, yet somehow audiences always fail to notice those little signs and clues foreshadowing each film’s conclusion.