Total Nerd Brilliant Foreshadowing In The Harry Potter Series You Never Caught Before  

Rebecca High

Harry Potter is fully of complex Easter eggs, and author J.K. Rowling gave readers plenty of mysterious hints about the future that you might have missed the first or even the second time around.

This video analyzes what are arguably the most brilliant foreshadowed moments in the Harry Potter series. Though the books are often dismissed as kids' stuff, they're dense and inventive, as the video proves.

Even if you've read the seven books over and over from cover to cover or seen all eight movies repeatedly, you may have missed some of these. Did you catch the moment in Goblet of Fire that basically reveals Snape's true nature?

If you missed these genius underlying plot devices, it might be time for a re-read/re-watch. But that's the other great thing about Harry Potter - he never gets old!