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Details You Missed In 'It: Chapter One' That Will Pay Off In 'It: Chapter Two'

Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for It: Chapter Two.

"We all float down here." That's the most famous quote from Stephen King's horror masterpiece It, and it foreshadows the location of the epic finale between the Losers Club and Pennywise the Clown. The 2017 film adaptation of the classic novel is fairly true to its source material, and it makes a lot more references to the book than most people noticed on their first viewing. In fact, tiny bits of foreshadowing are hidden throughout the film.

Many of these little moments don't even pay off in the first installment of the film series, but instead allude to events likely coming in It: Chapter Two. Unfortunately, we have to wait until September 6, 2019, to know exactly how this adaptation will end, though early Twitter reactions promise scares. In the meantime, we can analyze the first film and see which plot points get set up and which ones may end up on the cutting room floor. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out what's in store for the Losers Club, especially after all the foreshadowing in It: Chapter One.

  • The Blood Pact Hints At Future Deaths

    The 2017 adaptation of It only covers the first half of the events from Stephen King's novel. The second half takes place 27 years later, when the Losers Club reunites to battle Pennywise as adults. Not everyone survives the ordeal, and the movie telegraphs which characters won't make it through.

    After the gang makes their blood pact, Stan is the first to leave, with Eddie following close behind. They're the two members of the Losers Club to die as adults, and they do so in the same order they leave the blood pact circle.

  • Beverly Losing Her Memory Foreshadows The Adults' Repressed Memories

    After It: Chapter One's final confrontation with Pennywise, the Losers Club assembles in a meadow to talk about the experience. Beverly says she can only remember parts of what happened, suggesting that It is taking a toll on her memory.

    This theme will likely be a huge part of Chapter Two, as most of the kids won't remember their experience with Pennywise once they become adults. The only one to truly remember is Mike, who is also the only one who remains in Derry as an adult. As the rest of the Losers Club returns to the town, their memories start to come back to them.

  • The Turtle References Nod To Pennywise's Most Hated Foe

    The book goes much further into the origins of Pennywise than It: Chapter One, but there are hints in the film that larger forces are at work in Derry. When the kids defeat Pennywise for the first time in the novel, they do so with the assistance of an ancient cosmological being known as Maturin. The creature takes the form of a gigantic turtle and resides in a dimension called the Macroverse, a place where only Maturin and It live. They are opposing forces, representations of good and evil, and eternal enemies.

    While we don't see any giant turtles in the first film, there are references. Bill finds a Lego turtle in Georgie's room, and the kids feel a turtle swimming with them in the quarry.

    Unfortunately, Maturin is dead by the time the Losers Club returns to Derry as adults, but that doesn't mean he can't make an appearance in a flashback. Director Andres Muschietti has already stated that he wants to explore Maturin further in the sequel.

  • Those Lights In Pennywise's Throat Are Much More Than They Seem

    When Pennywise kidnaps Beverly, he puts her into a catatonic state by opening his mouth and exposing her to three glowing orbs. This is a reference to It's cosmological origins, and those orbs are known as the Deadlights. The Deadlights are It's true form, and the creature uses them as a way to hypnotize its prey. While It's physical body can be summoned in Derry, the Deadlights come from the dark space of the Macroverse.

    The next film will likely explore the Deadlights and the Macroverse more thoroughly.