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Impressive Foreshadowing Fans Noticed In Pixar Movies

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Pixar Animation Studios has been making heartfelt hits since its feature-length debut with Toy Story in 1995. That film launched into a franchise, as have other classics like The Incredibles and Finding Nemo. Fans love Pixar for their sweet storylines, cheeky humor, and often profound themes, but there's something else they do incredibly well: foreshadowing. In Soul, Joe gets introduced to a lounge singer as "the cat I was telling you about," which turns out to be very accurate. When Coco's Dante first appears, he's right next to a table of alebrijes, which he will eventually become. There are even examples of Pixar movies foreshadowing future Pixar movies. In Monsters, Inc., fans catch their first glimpse of Nemo when Boo tries to give a stuffed fish to Sully!

If you love the sneaky details that let you know what's coming, check out this list of impressive foreshadowing moments from Pixar movies!