The Most Brilliant Foreshadowing In 'The Big Bang Theory'

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The Big Bang Theory isn't a sitcom that dives too much into an overall storyline. The episodes are generally self-contained, with the group's dynamic as the main focus of the series. However, there are definite bits of foreshadowing in the show. As insignificant as they originally seemed, many small moments from earlier seasons come to fruition years later thanks to the help of the show's brilliant writers. These are the best moments of foreshadowing in The Big Bang Theory.  

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    Amy's Inclusion In The Series Foreshadowed

    During the episode with the Physics Bowl, Raj suggests recruiting the "girl who played TV's Blossom" to their team since she had a Ph.D. In real life, Mayim Bialik does have a doctorate and went on to play Amy Farrah Fowler, meaning she was recruited to appear seasons earlier.

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    How Sheldon Knew Amy Was The One

    Sheldon shows he really has love and respect for Amy as a partner because he wants her opinion on his life choices. 

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    The Psychic Predicting That Amy Will Help Sheldon Win The Nobel Prize

    In a Season 7, Sheldon and Penny visited a psychic Ms. Davora, who told him he should give himself completely to his relationship with Amy as his other pursuits will be successful as a result. Later in Season 12, by collaborating with Amy, Sheldon was able to win the Nobel Prize due to their combined work.

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    Leonard Predicting He And Penny Will Have Children

    In the series premiere, Leonard saw Penny and fell in love at first sight, claiming their "babies will be both smart and beautiful." All the way in the series finale, Sheldon repeated Leonard's claim, at which point Leonard and Penny were married and had a child on the way.

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    Leonard's Surname Is A Reference To His Ending

    Leonard's Surname Is A Reference To His Ending
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    Hofstader's Law is an adage that claims things always take longer than one would expect them to. Leonard hoped he and Penny would be together permanently by Season 3, but it took several years before they got married.

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    Amy's Claim That She Will Marry Sheldon

    Amy's Claim That She Will Marry Sheldon
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    Sheldon had made it clear he would have no intentions to get married, although Amy revealed she had a plan to eventually get him to warm up to the idea. It took slightly longer than she envisioned, but this turned out to foreshadow their eventual marriage.

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