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Movies Whose Opening Scene You Don’t Remember

26 Mar 2020 429 votes 110 voters 6.7k views13 items

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The first sentence in a paragraph, the beginning of a story, and the opening scene in a movie all prepare you for what has been set in motion. They should draw you in, providing context and exposition for a film’s plot and characters. So why are there so many forgettable opening scenes?

If you were asked on the spot what happened in the opening minutes of Catch Me If You Can, could you remember? If you were asked which character was the focus of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones’ intro, would you know? There are scenes out there, so disconnected from the rest of the movie, that most people don’t remember that the film opens that way. It’s no one's fault - everything else is just much more memorable.

These openings are the complete opposite of a dramatic character introduction or a short and shocking cameo, but that's okay. Sometimes opening scenes contain things that aren't meant to be explicit and don't really connect with the audience until afterwards.