17 Movies No '80s Kid Is Actually Nostalgic About

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If you had a dollar for all the forgotten '80s movies, you could comfortably retire. The way films were viewed during that decade changed dramatically. Cable TV went into more homes, which meant more people had access to premium channels like HBO, which aired movies uncut and uninterrupted by commercials. Videocassette recorders became a phenomenon, providing an additional way to consume movies. Such innovations created a demand for more movies to fill the airtime and to stock the shelves of video stores. With so much product out there, natural selection was bound to kick in. Not every film from the era would be remembered. The weak would falter.

Many '80s movies you forgot about are ones you probably watched repeatedly as a child. They were staples on cable and hot VHS rentals. Time has erased them from your memory banks because, quite frankly, they weren't very good. Even if you do remember them, recalling specifics is probably difficult. Sure, you remember watching them over and over as a kid, but the characters and plot points are hard to recall now. 

These films, doomed to pop-culture oblivion, hark back to a time when new technologies created a strange kind of apathy. You watched whatever was on. You rented whatever was in. It was just cool to watch unedited movies at home. Let's reflect on a few of the most deservedly obscure.