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Forgotten Girl Group Hits Every '90s Kid Will Remember

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The 1990s marked the era of epic girl groups. From major international tour-de-forces like the Spice Girls and TLC to lesser-known names such as Brownstone and Wild Orchid, these females were musical forces to be reckoned with. But what happened to these '90s girl groups, especially '90s girl groups who were one-hit wonders?

Some '90s girl groups who were great one-hit wonders arguably became more notorious for the way they split than their music. A few onetime groups splintered into successful solo acts - Wild Orchid yielded Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson, who headed to the Black Eyed Peas not long after. Beyond their music, R&B sensations like 702 and Brownstone featured several eventual stars of reality TV shows. But whether you remember the groups or not, you'll definitely recognize these hits.

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    "808" By Blaque (1998)

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    Taken under the wing of TLC's Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes in the 1990s, Blaque (which stood for Believing, Life, Achieving, Quest, Unity, Everything) consistently delivered engaging, groove-worthy hits. Their biggest hit was "808," while "Bring It All To Me" featured the talents of *NSYNC's J.C. Chasez. They were also featured in the smash teen comedy Bring It On.

    Blaque's burgeoning success came to a sharp halt when their sophomore album, Blaque Out, was shelved. Mentor Left Eye died not long after, and their third album, Torch, was also never released. Blaque split in the mid-2000s, but reunited briefly before Natina Reed's tragic passing in 2012.

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      "Lately" By Divine (1998)

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      Divine found success early: their debut single, "Lately," shot to the top of the charts in 1998. The trio - Nikki Bratcher, Kia Thornton, and Tonia Tash - had just graduated from high school. However, they only released one album, entitled Fairtyales, and the group disbanded soon after.

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        "If You Love Me" By Brownstone (1994)

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        Once signed to Michael Jackson's MJJ record label, Brownstone combined soulful lyrics with undeniable vocal talent. "If You Love Me" was their biggest hit, becoming a top 10 Grammy-nominated smash. After releasing two albums and adding and subtracting a few members, Brownstone went its separate ways.

        Tragically, member Charmayne Maxwell died in a freak accident in 2015. Nicci Gilbert went on to become a cast member of R&B Divas, and Brownstone hit the charts again in 2016 when rapper-singer Tory Lanez sampled "If You Love Me" on his hit "Say It."

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          "G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T." By Changing Faces (1997)

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          Soul duo Changing Faces hailed from New York, and first hit the scene with two R. Kelly-produced songs. Their signature song, "G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.," was also penned by Kelly and reached the top of the Billboard R&B charts in 1997. The duo split up after releasing a few albums.

          Changing Faces attempted a comeback, but the reunion didn't last long - creative differences led to internal arguments. Member Cassandra Lucas also sued bandmate Charisse Rose for replacing her and using the Changing Faces name without her permission.

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