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Forgotten Girl Group Hits Every '90s Kid Will Remember

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The 1990s marked the era of epic girl groups. From major international tour-de-forces like the Spice Girls and TLC to lesser-known names such as Brownstone and Wild Orchid, these females were musical forces to be reckoned with. But what happened to these '90s girl groups, especially '90s girl groups who were one-hit wonders?

Some '90s girl groups who were great one-hit wonders arguably became more notorious for the way they split than their music. A few onetime groups splintered into successful solo acts - Wild Orchid yielded Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson, who headed to the Black Eyed Peas not long after. Beyond their music, R&B sensations like 702 and Brownstone featured several eventual stars of reality TV shows. But whether you remember the groups or not, you'll definitely recognize these hits.

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    "He Loves U Not" By Dream (2001)

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    Bubblegum pop group Dream was a bit of an anomaly on hip-hop mogul Sean "Puffy" Combs's Bad Boy Records roster, but they held their own with debut single "He Loves U Not." The addictive nature of the track earned them a spot on the "TRL Live" tour and sent their debut album to platinum status, but the group's lackluster sophomore effort led them to disband a few years later. Dream briefly reunited, then split again, in the 2010s.

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      "Never Ever" By All Saints (1997)

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      British girl group All Saints first made a splash on the pop scene in the mid '90s. All Saints really hit it big with second single "Never Ever," a sweeping ballad that topped the U.K. charts. The band became one of the best-selling female groups in British history thanks to singles such as "Bootie Call" and "Pure Shores," and announced a comeback in 2016.

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        "Hey Mr. D.J." By Zhané (1993)

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        R&B duo Zhané delivered one of the ultimate party classics of the '90s with "Hey Mr. D.J." Members Jean Norris and Renee Neufville met as students at Temple University in Philadelphia and rocketed to stardom with their debut album, Pronounced Jah-nay. Particularly inspired by classic soul music, the two added a jazzy vibe to the music scene.

        Neufville is justifiably proud of their success, saying, "I never took that opportunity for granted. So now, when I hear our songs, I feel very proud of the material, and the mark that was made. I’m grateful to know that once my soul leaves the physical body, the music will outlive all of us. It’s one of the biggest gifts I could ever imagine receiving because life is so short."

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          "C'est La Vie" By B*Witched (1998)

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          The Irish girl group B*Witched made a splash stateside with the bubbly "C'est La Vie," a catchy smash that led them to team up with *NSYNC on tour. There was an undeniably Celtic lilt to their music; as one music site noted, "What makes B*witched special is the addition of Irish fiddle and deedily-diddily jig patterns to the mix." 

          But when B*Witched's management pushed member Edele Lynch to lead singer status, her bandmates felt left behind. Trouble was brewing for B*Witched, who found out in 2002 that they had been dropped by their record label. They drifted apart, until reuniting on U.K. TV show The Big Reunion. B*Witched even went on tour with some of their other contemporaries, including Atomic Kitten and S Club 3.

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