Weird History Readers Share Their Favorite Childhood TV Shows That No One Else Seems To Remember

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From Boomers to Gen Z, every generation has their childhood classics - the beloved books, the music that's better than every other decade's, and the nostalgia-inducing movies. But nothing makes us quite as sentimental as the memories of our favorite childhood television shows. From the joy of Saturday morning cartoons to finding your first crush on the small screen, we grew up alongside the seasons of these shows. Some even lasted multiple decades, as spin-offs and re-runs delighted new generations of kids.

While the popular classics will always hold a place in our hearts, some of these shows have been lost to time. Maybe they were tragically short-lived, or aired on an unusual channel. Or perhaps in the days of multiple streaming platforms and countless new shows, we all just sort of forgot about these old gems. In any event, you may not recall some of these TV shows until you see that one familiar face, or hear the chorus of the theme song, then it all comes flooding back.

Take a trip down memory lane and try not to shed too many tears for the good old days where you would never "skip the intro," even if you could.