Forgotten Hits By Nickelodeon Stars

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Everyone remembers Selena, Demi, Miley, the Jonas Brothers and the rest of the musical Disney Channel stars who have monopolized the airwaves, but let's look past the Disney machine to its not-quite-as-successful counterpart, Nickelodeon. A studio with just as many pop star offerings that deserve a spotlight. There are plenty of now forgotten hits by Nickelodeon stars and its time we remember that Nick was just as immovable in their demands that their young talent cover as many media genres as possible.

Nickelodeon pop stars may not have collectively reached the same level of success as the Mouse House (excepting Ariana Grande who has obviously made a name for herself post-Nick), but they had some catchy tunes among them. Songs from Nickelodeon stars like Keke Palmer, Drake Bell, Emma Roberts, and Miranda Cosgrove remind us of what a weird place the 2000s were for young adult entertainment. Marvel at these cringe-inducing offerings from your favorite Nickelodeon pop stars.