15 Horror Movie Sequels You (Maybe) Never Knew Existed

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There's never been a better time to be a horror fan. The great horror movies just keep coming, like Titane, Last Night in Soho, Malignant, The Invisible Man, and so many more. And with so many streaming services available, there’s no excuse to not check out classics like The Ring, Carrie, and The Thing.

While there are plenty of amazing horror movies to check out, there are also so many forgettable ones that most people don’t even know about. These sequels to great horror movies failed to leave a lasting impact on audiences and were swiftly swept under the rug. There are also plenty of lazy cash grabs that bear the names of famous horror films, only to be quietly dumped onto video or TV.

Here are some horror movie sequels that you (probably) never knew existed until now. Vote up the sequels that surprised you with their very existence.


  • Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby is the made-for-TV sequel to the 1968 psychological thriller Rosemary's Baby, directed by Roman Polanski.

    Unlike the original film, the TV sequel takes little inspiration from the first novel by Ira Levin and ignores the sequel book, Son of Rosemary. The 1976 sequel failed to live up to the horrific thrill of the original movie, choosing instead to indulge itself with awkwardly assembled dance and chase sequences.

  • It’s never a good look when a movie star goes on to denounce the sequel she starred in, but that’s exactly what actor Mila Kunis did with the 2002 movie American Psycho 2. Initially, American Psycho 2 wasn’t written as a sequel to the original black comedy slasher. The original script was for a thriller called The Girl Who Wouldn't Die, but it was later modified to connect itself with the Patrick Bateman movie.

    Critics hated the straight-to-video sequel, and Bret Easton Ellis, author of the American Psycho book, denounced the film. Even Kunis is embarrassed by the movie: "Please - somebody stop this," Kunis told MTV. "Write a petition. When I did the second one, I didn't know it would be American Psycho II. It was supposed to be a different project, and it was re-edited, but, ooh... I don't know. Bad."

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  • In 1963, English filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock took one of the most innocent creatures on Earth and turned it into a horror icon. The Birds horrified moviegoers with its story about an unexplained series of violent bird attacks targeting the helpless people of Bodega Bay, CA.

    On March 14, 1994, a made-for-TV sequel aired on the Showtime channel. The Birds II: Land's End shared a nearly identical story with the original, along with a cameo from Tippi Hedren, who starred in Hitchcock's original film. The Birds II was panned for its inferiority to the original movie. Rick Rosenthal, the director of The Birds II, even disowned the sequel by crediting himself as Alan Smithee.

  • Lost Boys: The Tribe is the 2008 direct-to-DVD sequel to the black comedy vampire movie The Lost Boys. Despite Joel Schumacher’s many attempts at making a sequel to his 1987 movie, he had no involvement in the production of Lost Boys: The Tribe. Instead, the sequel is based on a script by Hans Rodionoff that was originally about surfing werewolves.

    Warner Bros. initially turned down the script for its resemblance to The Lost Boys, but they later acquired it and hired Rodionoff to rewrite it as an official sequel with vampires instead of werewolves. Despite being a financially successful DVD release, Lost Boys: The Tribe was panned by critics for being a cash-grab - but at least it had Corey Feldman.