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Mary-Kate And Ashley Shows And Movies You Completely Forgot About

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Can you believe there's an entire generation that only knows Mary-Kate and Ashley as the older sisters of Avengers star Elizabeth Olsen? Or as the two strikingly similar-looking mystery women who make sporadic appearances at the Met Ball? Or as the two waifs who are mysteriously absent from Netflix's Full House sequel Fuller House? Kids and tweens today just don't understand how the Olsen twins dominated television airwaves from the late '90s to the early 2000s. They're two of the most successful child stars of all time.

But sift back through your own memories of Mary-Kate and Ashley, and you may be surprised by the straight-to-VHS movies and sitcoms starring the Olsen twins you've failed to remember. Take a dive back into the expansive library of Mary-Kate and Ashley TV shows and movies, and look back with nostalgia-clouded eyes at the forgotten Olsen twins projects that fans once held so dear.

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