TV Casts That Still Hang Out Even Though Their Shows Ended

After a beloved TV show comes to an end, it's comforting for fans to think the cast might still get together and hang out now and then - but does this ever happen? You bet it does, as evidenced by this list of TV stars who remain friends despite their shows being off the air. And this only makes sense. After all, a long and successful television run is something of a rarity, so when a group of actors works together so intensely for an extended period, it's only natural for some deep and abiding friendships to develop. Even something as game-changing as a TV show getting canceled can't stop that.

From iconic series that changed the television landscape to tween-centric confections that influenced a generation, these shows have stuck in the minds and hearts of fans. They've stuck in the minds and hearts of their stars, too, and TV casts that still hang out are a tribute to the magic that can happen when the right creative team is assembled.