16 Extremely Messed Up Things About Forrest Gump That'll Change How You See It

A lot of people love Forrest Gump, and that's understandable. Wrong, but understandable. It’s sweet, it's nice, and Tom Hanks is a national treasure. But there are actually a lot of f*cked up things about Forrest Gump just beneath the surface. It’s racist, it’s sexist, and it glorifies stupidity. There are countless bits of nonsense and white-washed history.

These are just some of the reasons why Forrest Gump blows. It’s also straight conservative propaganda, hell it could’ve been part of Donald Trump’s campaign platform. Forrest Gump, too, wants to Make America Great Again. Forrest Gump wants to reduce America to a simplified nostalgic haze wherein liberals are useless drug-addicted hypocrites, and dumb white men become millionaires on accident as long as they mind their manners.  

If you haven’t seen the movie (or read the book), there are plenty of spoilers ahead. Watch it first and then form your own opinion. After all, people do love it and not everyone will see the film’s flaws. Those people, of course, are objectively incorrect.