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Small Foreshadowing Details From The MCU 'Spider-Man' Movies

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One of the things that makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe so compelling is its great use of foreshadowing. Peter Parker and the MCU Spider-Man movies are no exception, utilizing little clues, hidden details, and crafty dialogue that add up to exceptional payoffs. For example, in Spider-Man: Far From Home, there are tons of instances where Mysterio and his team can be found spying on Peter in the background as he tours European cities. Check out the bus driver who actually doffs his cap at a group of students fleeing for their lives. In Homecoming, there's a cute example that hints at MJ's identity early on. Right before she's introduced, a tiger mascot runs across the screen. Canonically, "Tiger" is MJ's nickname for Peter. There are even examples popping up from the trailers for the upcoming No Way Home! Fans have noticed that the way Doc Ock is placed within action sequences implies that he may actually be a hero, not a villain.

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