The Fouke Monster Of Boggy Creek Has Been Terrifying People And Eating Pets For Years

With sightings dating back to the 1800s, the legend of the Fouke Monster of Boggy Creek is an important part of Arkansas's folklore. Lurking in the bogs of Arkansas, the Fouke Monster frightens motorists, homeowners, and hikers. The story of Boggy Creek and the monster who may inhabit it were the subject of the 1972 cult classic The Legend of Boggy Creek. The central story was based on testimonies from Arkansas natives recounting their terrifying stories from Arkansas. 

Fouke Monster facts vary, as no definitive evidence of the creature actually exists. Its said to be tall, hairy, and potentially dangerous, much like Bigfoot. The first widely publicized sighting occurred in 1971, although the monster had been whispered of previously. Even today, residents of Fouke, Arkansas, or visitors sometimes see what they believe is the monster. Is this a hoax or a legitimate creature roaming the Arkansas bogs? Read up on the Fouke Monster and decide for yourself. 

  • In 1971, The Monster Allegedly Attacked A Family Inside Their Home

    While early sightings date back to the 1800s, the story that put the Boggy Creek Monster on the map occurred much later. Bobby and Elizabeth Ford reported the monster attacked their home on May 1, 1971. Elizabeth reported that the monster reached through her screen window and was then chased away by Bobby and his brother. The monster later returned and attacked Bobby, throwing him onto the ground.

    It is clear something attacked Bobby that night. Bobby was treated for large gash wounds and mild shock at a nearby hospital. No blood was found at the Ford’s home, but there were scratches on the porch and one window was damaged. There were also three-toed footprints found in the yard. This incident is what would inspire the 1972 film The Legend of Boggy Creek.

  • In The 1960s, A Boy Claimed He Shot At The Monster

    A boy named Lynn Crabtree reported seeing the monster in 1965. According to the story, Crabtree encountered the monster while hunting. While he shot at it numerous times, nothing happened. The monster did not appear to be affected by bullets.

    The story was not reported at the time, but the Crabtree family came forward with the account after the widely publicized Ford family sighting. Other members of the Crabtree family claimed they also saw the monster while hunting, but did not bother taking shots like Lynn had.

  • The Monster Subsists On A Diet Of Dog And Chicken

    The Monster Subsists On A Diet Of Dog And Chicken
    Photo: The Legend of Boggy Creek / Howco International

    There are many legends about the monster’s behavior. One that is more alarming for pet and farm owners is related to its diet. Supposedly, the monster has been known to feed on live chickens and dogs. It has also been said that it occasionally eats a calf or hog.

    Reports of mauled and mutilated dogs have been reported in the area, and believers in the monster cite that no hoaxer would go through that amount of effort. 

  • The Monster Is Tall, Hairy, And Smelly

    The Monster Is Tall, Hairy, And Smelly
    Photo: Boggy Creek: The Legend Is True / Hannover House

    The monster is described as seven to eight feet tall. It stands on two legs, like a human or primate. It’s also very heavy, estimated to be over 300 pounds. Its entire body is allegedly covered with long, thick hair.

    Folks who claim to have witnessed the cryptid also say that it has unusually long arms and a cone-shaped head. It also supposedly smells awful.

  • There Have Been Many Modern Sightings Of The Monster

    The Fouke Monster is definitely not a thing of the past. There are still sightings in recent history. In fact, in 2017, a husband and wife were driving at dusk near Boggy Creek. They reportedly saw a tall, hairy, human-like figure standing in the distance near the trees.

    The couple was unable to get a close look, but the wife claimed she did not think the creature was human.

  • Three People Saw The Monster Dart Across The Highway

    Three people claimed to see the monster just three weeks after it terrorized the Fords in 1971. While driving, the group reportedly saw a large and hairy entity run across the highway. According to the sheriff, he considered the witnesses to be reliable people unlikely to lie about such a situation.