Weird History TMI Facts About the Sex Lives of Our Founding Fathers  

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Truth be told, the US Founding Fathers were a bunch of dirty, old men. We might put them on pedestals for their work in getting this whole America thing off the ground, but in reality most of them were just as raunchy as your average Hollywood starlet. Even the most upstanding of them couldn't escape rumors of odd sexual encounters or nasty rumors. What sort of TMI, but still interesting facts about the Founding Fathers' sex lives will you find below? You can be sure you didn't learn them in elementary school.

The most interesting Founding Fathers sex facts range from fairly run of the mill affairs to what Gouverneur Morris allegedly did with a whale bone - an choice that led to his untimely death. Are these sex tales from the men who founded America as shocking as the many Founding Fathers conspiracies? Do any of them change your mind about who the best Founding Father was? Read on and decide for yourself!
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Benjamin Franklin Had an Insatiable Sexual Appetite

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Photo: National Archives, Washington D.C./via Britannica

When you learn about Benjamin Franklin in school, you might hear about how he was an eccentric inventor whose brilliant mind helped lead the colonies to revolution and independence. That's all true, except it leaves out the part about how much sex he had.

Franklin, like any upstanding man in colonial times, had a wife by the name of Deborah Read. The two were married for 38 years, but that wasn't enough for Franklin. For powerful men in the colonial era, having a mistress wasn't uncommon, but the sheer number of conquests Franklin amassed was staggering. He seemed to particularly like French women, having torrid affairs with Anna-Louise d'Hardancourt Brillon de Jouy, Madame Foucault, Madame Le Veillard, Countess Houdetot, and others.

Even as he grew older, his sexual appetite would not be quelled as he continued affairs with countless women who threw themselves at him. Even he knew he had a problem, writing in his autobiography that "the hard-to-be-governed passion of my youth had hurried me frequently into intrigues with low women that fell in my way." The term sex addict wasn't a thing back then, but Franklin probably would be a prime example.
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Alexander Hamilton Had a Very Public Affair

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Photo: MCS@flickr/flickr/CC-BY-ND 2.0

Alexander Hamilton had one of the most public affairs of any of the Founding Fathers. While his wife was away for the summer, Hamilton found himself unable to say no to the alluring Maria Reynolds and the two began an affair. Turns out, Maria was married and when her husband returned, he demanded money from Hamilton in exchange for keeping quiet. As smart as Hamilton was, he was at least dumb enough to continue the affair.

A pattern was established that went like this: Maria's husband would leave, Maria would invite Hamilton over to have sex, Maria's husband would return and demand money, Hamilton would pay. Repeat. It got so bad that eventually Hamilton had to announce the affair to the public (or else face career suicide), something that understandably severely affected his marriage.
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Benjamin Franklin Preferred Older Women

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Photo: Charles Phillips/Wikimedia Commons
Benjamin Franklin was like a Colonial Era Barney Stinson. The man knew how to woo women, and his tips and advice to other men regarding the opposite sex reveal just how accepting he was when it came to his conquests. In fact, he firmly believed older women were the best option when looking for a worthwhile sexual partner. In his paper Advice to a Young Man on the Choice of a Mistress, (he wasn't very subtle with his titles), Franklin talks about how older woman are both more grateful to catch the eye of a younger man and are more experienced when it comes to getting down and dirty. He goes on to say, "regarding what is below the Girdle, it is impossible... to tell an old one from a young one."
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George Washington Was in Love with Someone Other Than his Wife

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By all accounts, George Washington's wife, Martha, seemed like the perfect match for America's Founding Father. Although the two seemed made for each other, George's heart belonged to another - the beautiful Sally Fairfax. The two grew up together and Fairfax taught Washington everything he needed to know about high society.

Even though he loved her, he could never be with her. He came from a middle class upbringing, while she came from a much more elegant way of living. Back then, their pairing would never have worked, but it didn't stop Washington from forever carrying a torch for Fairfax. Even when he was engaged to Martha, Washington told Fairfax how much he loved her and wanted to be with her.
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