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13 Awesome Fox Kids Cartoons You Totally Forgot You Used to Watch

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For a whole generation of youngsters, Fox Kids TV shows provided hours of entertainment every day after school and every Saturday morning. We all remember Batman: The Animated Series, X-Men, Power Rangers, and so many others. Yet among the classics there were a bunch of old Fox Kids shows that you probably don't remember, but probably entertained you as an elementary-schooler.

Wolverine and Jubilee fought against evil, but did you remember the Big Guy and Rusty? Batman solved mysteries, but what about Droopy Dog? Did you remember that before kids became fans of Animaniacs, most were Tazmaniacs? 

Check out this list of some of the weirdest and entertaining Fox Kids shows you forgot about until now.

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    This show was an entertaining-yet-forgotten series that was half cartoon and half puppet show, thanks to the folks at Jim Henson Productions. Dog City was a show within a show featuring a puppet canine cartoonist named Eliot Shag drawing out the mysteries of his animated dog detective character, Ace Hart. The show's creativity and tongue-in-cheek humor towards noir tropes gave it three seasons worth of episodes.

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    Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century

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    This animated show was one of many "what if we take this classic character and put him/her in the future?" stories that are often pitched for TV.  This cartoon took all of Sherlock Holmes' stories and threw in some futuristic science fiction such as making Sherlock Holmes a cellular rejuvenated version of himself, making Watson a robot, and making Moriarty a wacked-out clone. Needless to say, Holmes' future adventures only last two seasons.

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    This '90s cartoon show was based off the real-life stuntman character that has been portrayed by Bob Einstein since the 1970s. The oddball stunts of Dave Osborne were entertaining, but it's kind of weird that Fox created a children's cartoon based off a guy that did The Atomic Yo-Yo Stunt and other antics for late night comedy shows a decade before their target audience was born. But yeah, it happened. If you don't believe it, episodes can be found with a simple Google search.

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    Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates

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    You might vaguely remember this take on the classic J.M. Barrie Peter Pan tale, but it ran for a whopping 65 episodes! Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates expanded upon the Pan lore with treasure hunts, fantasy monsters, and plenty of swashbuckling. The biggest claim to fame was that the main villain, Captain Hook, was voiced by the legendary Tim Curry. It was a fitting role for him, as his diabolical laugh is second to none.


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