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A Complete Timeline Of The Over-The-Top Feud Between Lil' Kim And Foxy Brown

Two outspoken NYC rappers who monumentally influenced the hip-hop genre, Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown, boast a long and sordid history. The Foxy Brown vs. Lil' Kim beef remains one of the biggest rap feuds in hip-hop history. So, what started the feud between former friends Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown?

Both rappers rose to fame around the same time in the 1990s. The two women grew up in the same area of Brooklyn and even attended the same high school. Additionally, Brown and Kim had similar styles, and their debut albums hit the market just one week apart. Of course, fans and the media were going to compare the two artists.

But did Brown and Kim’s beef, which at one point led to actual shooting, arise just because they were professional competitors? Or was there much more going on in their feud, which spanned more than 20 years? Below is a complete timeline of Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown's historic beef.

  • Photo: The Source

    1997: Both Rappers Appeared On The Cover Of 'The Source'

    The Source journalist Michael Gonzales wrote the cover story for the music magazine's February 1997 issue. The now legendary cover featured both Kim and Brown on it. Gonzales interviewed both artists for the cover, but he conducted each interview separately.

    In spite of the competition between their two albums and the public's almost constant comparisons, the two still considered themselves friends. Just months prior, Brown gave Kim praise on Ill Na Na's title track.

  • 1997: The Artists Turned Down 'Thelma And Louise'

    By the late 1990s, both Kim and Brown had cemented their spots in hip-hop. In 1997, Def Jam CEO Lyor Cohen wanted to bring the two superstars together to make an album titled Thelma and Louise. According to Marchand, Brown and Kim were each offered $500,000 to participate in the project.

    Both of the artists turned down the deal - the first hint that the two women were no longer on friendly terms. 

  • 1999: Kim Supposedly Dissed Brown In 'Play Around'

    Video: YouTube

    By the end of the '90s, Kim and Brown's feud began to appear in their respective lyrics. In 1999, Kim served the first punch on the song "Play Around," a song from rapper Lil Cease's first solo album. Both Diddy and Kim were featured on the record. 

    Kim enlisted her collaborators for a few barbs; Diddy even got in on the action with the line: "Stop tryin' to sound like her, too..." The lyric was largely viewed as a direct jab at Brown.

  • 2000: 'Notorious K.I.M.' Included A Direct Brown Diss

    Video: YouTube

    Kim brought the trash talk to a whole new level on her 2000 sophomore album, The Notorious K.I.M. On the album's title track, Kim directly referenced Brown and her crew with the lyrics "you and your firm:"

    This chick running around with this stink a** gap
    And them fake a** raps having panic attacks
    You ain't a star and your record company know that
    How you make all this money, get this far and blow it?

    I'm a businesswoman now, so I'm not concerned
    I'd bet on Lil' Cease before you and your firm
    If this was back in the days, I would've been snatched you
    I'm getting money now, them b*tches in the hood they can have you