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Fran Drescher Has Lived Through Some Truly Harrowing Things, But Her Story Has Inspired Many

Updated 13 Oct 2018 22.6k views14 items

When one thinks of Fran Drescher, the first thing likely to come to mind is her most famous acting role as the eponymous character on the TV show The Nanny. But there is so much more to the woman with one of the most recognizable voices in the industry. Fran Drescher's personal life has been at times horrifying and at other times triumphant. Drescher is a cancer and rape survivor, she's done all kinds of charity work which have earned her a plethora of awards, and through all that has maintained a long and successful entertainment career.

Fran Drescher's life since The Nanny has been just as full as her life before or during, and even more so. The same is just as true for her career, which hasn't seen many gaps since it began in the '70s. Here are a bunch of things you didn't know about Fran Drescher, so that when you think of her again, it won't be as the whiny, apathetic babysitter she played on television. 

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