15 France Activities That Should Be On Everyone's Bucket List

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If you're not satisfied with your current bucket list, this list has got you covered with lovely France bucket list activities to do and beautiful places to visit. Check them out, add them to your list, and learn what to do in France! And if you're looking for more, you can always check out some Scotland bucket list ideas.

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    Dine At Expensive But Unforgettable Restaurants

    From Redditor u/Whizbang:

    Le Chateaubriand. Expensive. High end. Fixed (but changing) menu. Two seatings a night. No reservations (I believe).

    Restaurant Jadis. Also on the more expensive side, but the dishes are much more traditional French. This is a metro ride to the edge of town.

    Au Pere Louis. Really solid and tasty bistro food. Note: there's a lot of fairly mediocre bistro food around Paris, especially in the high traffic areas. Multilingual signs posted on placards outside is often not the best sign.

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    Visit The Best Park In Paris

    From a former Redditor:

    I love the Marais district on a sunny Sunday. Everybody is out and walking. In the Marais you can visit my favorite Paris park, the Place des Vosges. You can then loop South, cross the Seine, and end up at Notre Dame.

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    See The Catacombs

    From Redditor u/fritopie:

    Catacombs are pretty cool. I recommend getting a tour guide or audio guide since all the signage is in French. I did it last time without a guide and, while interesting, it got a little boring after a while and I was frustrated because I couldn't really learn much about it. This time, we purchased tickets online. You pick a particular entrance time so you can skip the line and you get an audio guide.

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    See the Most Beautiful Church In The World

    From Redditor u/IdontSparkle:

    People who visit Paris and Notre Dame de Paris sometimes forget to visit one of the most beautiful churches in the world situated on the same island of Notre Dame, just one street away.

    You have to see it with your own eyes. It looks entirely made of glass, its colors are fantastic and well preserved, the most sublime example of "Rayonnant Gothic" architecture. It's very old (1248), it's an architectural masterpiece as it resisted time very well and was the first building relying on an "iron made structure".

    It's the Sainte Chapelle

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    Go See Marie Antoinette's Fantasy Village

    From Redditor u/MartelFirst:

    If you're willing to not rush into things, you can take a day to visit the Versailles Palace (which is in the suburbs, but very easy access by train). It's huge, the palace itself, but also the gardens as well as Marie Antoinette's charming little fantasy romantic village she had built. If you're willing to take it all in, it can only be done in one full day, maybe morning to early afternoon.

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    Enjoy A Nice Parisian Walk

    From Redditor u/Not_Zarathustra:

    Paris is a great walking city, one of the most pleasurable things to do is to just walk around, in this way you will see many things that people do not, and discover Paris in shining light, like a city, not like a museum with places to go take pictures of (even if you can take pictures, and you will, because it is a beautiful city).

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