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The Insane Story Of Frank Dux, Whose Life Allegedly Formed The Basis For 'Bloodsport'

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If you thought Bloodsport was dramatic, wait until you hear about the story that inspired it. Bloodsport allegedly tells the true story of Frank Dux, a martial arts expert who claimed to participate in and win a Kumite, an underground secret fighting tournament. If the story behind Bloodsport sounds straight out of fiction, you might be onto something. You see, whether or not the events of Bloodsport are real, Dux has a tendency to exaggerate stories about his own career.

Dux claims to be a legendary fighter with several world records - but only he can verify them. He also says he worked as a covert operative in the '80s and was offered a contract to take out another famous fighter. The whole story, regardless of its validity, is just as engaging, if not more so, than Bloodsport itself.

  • Dux Challenged Van Damme To A Fight On Set

    The action in Bloodsport followed the actors off the screen as well. On the set, Van Damme and Dux nearly entered a battle royale on the roof of a building after disagreeing about how a fight sequence would go down. Dux decided to up the stakes of the fight though. 

    Rather than throwing punches in the middle of the roof, Dux walked to the ledge of a 60-story building. When Van Damme and his entourage showed up, Dux, standing on an I-beam hundreds of feet in the air, did a "jumping spin heel kick." Van Damme laughed, told Dux he made his point, and bought him dinner.

  • Dux Claims He Won The Medal Of Honor

    Dux claims he was awarded a Medal of Honor in a secret ceremony for his service in Southeast Asia.

    Though Dux did serve in the Marines, the only record of his service states he fell off a truck and never left San Diego, much less the US.


  • Dux Coached The Only Known Kumite Witness

    The real story behind Bloodsport sounds made for Hollywood, and indeed, it may well have been. Screenwriter Sheldon Lettich, who wrote the film, discussed the story of the "based on real events" tag the movie displays before the credits roll. Lettich said he met with a man named Richard Bender, who Dux said would corroborate every word of his story and actually appeared at the fabled Kumite.

    However, Lettich, like most others, found himself suspicious of Bender, and rightly so. Years after the film was made, Bender went back on everything he said about the fights being true and claimed Dux even coached him about what to say to back up his story. 

  • Dux Said He Worked As A Covert CIA Operative

    Frank Dux claims he worked as an operative for the CIA and even says he played a role in covert operations in Central America in the 1980s.

    Dux's website even features a letter from Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Martin of the US Navy corroborating his claims.