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Smooth Facts You Didn't Know About Frank Sinatra

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Frank Sinatra facts go way beyond Jack Daniels, the Rat Pack, and lots of women. The biography of Frank Sinatra shows he was an innovative leader in the music industry - and Ranker users agree. He's #4 on the list of the Best Singers Ever, and has the second most coveted male singing voice.

Sinatra was a skilled conductor, had a flawless ear, was a civil rights advocate, and even owned a successful record label. He had a complex relationship with music, recording songs he loved multiple times, but publicly lambasting other signature songs. He claimed to hate rock and roll, but recorded dozens of songs by popular rock bands.

Who is Frank Sinatra? Read this list of facts and find out.
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    Frank Sinatra Basically Invented the Album

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    For his first album, 1946's The Voice of Frank Sinatra, Sinatra essentially created the idea of the album. He packaged the record as four 45 RPM singles - eight songs unified by tone, which nobody had ever done except as holiday records and soundtracks. Sinatra's reward was that the record went to #1 - despite all of the songs having been previously released, standard practice of the era. It was later re-released as the first pop music 10-inch record - inaugurating the era of album-oriented popular music.

    "The Voice of Frank Sinatra" was his first #1 hit - and his last until 1958.
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    He Discovered Vegas When He Couldn't Get Gigs in LA

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    Frank Sinatra and Las Vegas go together more perfectly than almost anything else. But while he and the Rat Pack routinely tore up the town, Sinatra first went to Vegas in September 1951 because he was having some trouble getting gigs in LA. Luckily, he found the Desert Inn, performing there and at the Riverside Hotel in Reno. While the early shows were attended by a motley crew of ranchers and oil wildcatters, he came of age just as the city did. By the '60s, he'd become the biggest draw there, and even owned part of the Sands Hotel.

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    The Last Song He Ever Sang Was "The Best Is Yet to Come"

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    By the early '90s, Sinatra's performances had become erratic. He was sometimes capable of greatness, and sometimes stumbled badly. He was still touring well into 1994,  and gave his last live performance on February 25, 1995. It wasn't an arena show, but an intimate six-song gig for supporters of his charity golf tournament in Palm Desert. The last song he performed was "The Best Is Yet to Come" - the phrase he had etched on his tombstone after he died in 1998.
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    He Was Arrested in 1938 - For Seduction!

    The iconic mugshot of young Sinatra, his pale blue eyes piercing the camera, stems from a 1938 arrest. He'd gotten his first gig, as a singing waiter at a New Jersey roadhouse, and it was there that his girlfriend, Toni Della Penta, got into a fight with a woman named Nancy Barbato. Toni tried to rip Nancy's dress off, and Sinatra told her that he was going to marry Nancy because she was pregnant. Toni went to the police, and Sinatra was arrested on the charge of seduction. It was later dropped - and Sinatra did indeed marry Nancy. Incidentally, "seduction" is not a crime anymore.
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