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All Of Frank’s Wildest Schemes On ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

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When it comes to plotting, planning, conniving, and going over the top for personal gain, there is perhaps no better master schemer in all of television history than Frank Reynolds. As one of the central characters on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Frank has gotten himself into many sticky situations. But in the vast majority of them, he only has himself to blame. He funds many of the gang's operations and drives them to do more outlandish and expensive things.

It's hard to say what has truly driven Frank to any of the show's extreme scenarios. It could be his childhood struggle with "donkey brains" and Froggy, or just a penchant for doing the most bizarre, most outrageous things imaginable. After all, he claims to embrace his self-described wildness to a greater extent than any of the other characters. Of all the motley group of weirdos in one of the best shows to binge watch, Frank is definitely a standout for his many wild schemes.

  • 5. Frank Buys A Stake In A Water Filter Company And Instills Fear Of The Local Water Supply

    After stirring up Philadelphia over self-defense in "Gun Fever Too: Still Hot," Frank goes back on TV to claim the local water supply is dangerously toxic. Of course, he has a solution: a very particular type of water filter, which just happens to be made by a company where Frank is a major stakeholder.

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  • 6. Frank Tries To Commit Insurance Fraud

    In "Mac Kills His Dad," Frank learns that Bill Ponderosa plans on drinking himself to an early grave. Though at first he, Dee, and Dennis try to cheer Bill up, they fail; but they see an opportunity to profit. The group takes out a high-payout life insurance policy on Bill. The joke, of course, is on them because by the episode's end, Bill Ponderosa is still very much alive and convinced "Life is Happy" simply because of a shirt Frank gives him.

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  • 7. Frank Sets Up Wolf Cola As A Tax Fraud Scam

    Throughout the series, Frank mentions his company, Wolf Cola, in passing. And though it begins as a means of tax fraud, the company takes on a life of its own. First mentioned in "Sweet Dee Gets Audited" as an off-shore shell company, it becomes increasingly legitimate in order for Frank to avoid an audit. He turns a eulogy for a fake baby into a Wolf Cola advertisement and tries to encourage cult members to buy his soda. But it is in the episode "Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare" that Frank encounters an image blunder of the highest order.

    Wolf Cola becomes the official soda of the extremist group Boko Haram. Initially happy because he thinks it's the preferred drink of "the Jews in Boca Raton," he tries to find a way to fix the PR nightmare. Ultimately, Frank doesn't need to do anything to fix the problem because the scandal dissipates due to the 24-hour news cycle and a UFC doping scandal caused by a product distributed by another one of Frank's companies, Fight Milk.

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  • 8. Frank Opens A (Second) Sweatshop

    "The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo" centers on Dee's jealousy toward a former classmate who has become the successful owner of a clothing boutique. Dee launches her own garment business in the basement of Paddy's. In short order, Frank and Mac transform the business into a sweatshop by breaking their Eastern European employees with terrible hours, horrible conditions, and a loudspeaker that plays German propaganda. The sweatshop fails after Dee comes by and tells everyone to leave.

    This is not the only time Frank has owned a sweatshop, however. In brief mentions throughout the series, it is clear Frank set up a sweatshop in Vietnam in the '90s.

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