All Of Frank’s Wildest Schemes On ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’

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When it comes to plotting, planning, conniving, and going over the top for personal gain, there is perhaps no better master schemer in all of television history than Frank Reynolds. As one of the central characters on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Frank has gotten himself into many sticky situations. But in the vast majority of them, he only has himself to blame. He funds many of the gang's operations and drives them to do more outlandish and expensive things.

It's hard to say what has truly driven Frank to any of the show's extreme scenarios. It could be his childhood struggle with "donkey brains" and Froggy, or just a penchant for doing the most bizarre, most outrageous things imaginable. After all, he claims to embrace his self-described wildness to a greater extent than any of the other characters. Of all the motley group of weirdos in one of the best shows to binge watch, Frank is definitely a standout for his many wild schemes.