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These Fan Theories From 'Frasier' Are Pretty Wild - But They Could Be True

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NBC primetime shows have been a pillar of good TV for decades. In fact, NBC has made some of the greatest sitcoms in television history. It comes as no surprise to most '90s TV viewers that the Cheers spinoff Frasier is near the top of that list. Its acerbic wit and self-aware humor pinned it as one of the first in a lineage of intelligent comedies like The Office and The Good Place.

With its dry humor that often leaves audiences thinking, Frasier has compelled viewers to concoct a multitude of fan theories. In fact, there's an uncountable amount of theories about Frasier drifting around the web. This list collects some of the most compelling, or at least the most insane, Frasier conspiracy theories out there. From serial killers to corporate PSYOPS, the Frasier fandom has thought of it all.