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These Fan Theories From 'Frasier' Are Pretty Wild - But They Could Be True

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NBC primetime shows have been a pillar of good TV for decades. In fact, NBC has made some of the greatest sitcoms in television history. It comes as no surprise to most '90s TV viewers that the Cheers spinoff Frasier is near the top of that list. Its acerbic wit and self-aware humor pinned it as one of the first in a lineage of intelligent comedies like The Office and The Good Place.

With its dry humor that often leaves audiences thinking, Frasier has compelled viewers to concoct a multitude of fan theories. In fact, there's an uncountable amount of theories about Frasier drifting around the web. This list collects some of the most compelling, or at least the most insane, Frasier conspiracy theories out there. From serial killers to corporate PSYOPS, the Frasier fandom has thought of it all.

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    Martin Purposefully Pretends To Stay Injured

    Martin Purposefully Pretends To Stay Injured
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    From Redditor /u/Darato:

    Thought about this little fun fan theory.

    It was said [on] the show a couple of times that Martin's leg could have gotten better by now if he kept up with his exercises and ate better.

    Martin would have wanted the almost full use of his legs back to do more, but didn't [do the exercises].

    I think he did this so he could stay with Frasier because every flashback we saw beforehand and when Frasier went to see him he was severely depressed. As time went on and on he had a better relationship with Frasier and Niles, and he still wanted to keep Daphne around for Niles.

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    Frasier Lives In An 'Impossible' Building On Queen Anne Hill

    Frasier Lives In An 'Impossible' Building On Queen Anne Hill
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    According to the IMDb entry for Frasier, the titular character's apartment is in an "impossible" location. The view from his window, which has the Space Needle in the foreground and the downtown skyscrapers in the background, could only be seen from Queen Anne Hill. This makes sense, considering the view from Queen Anne Hill is often considered the quintessential Seattle skyline.

    What doesn't make sense, though, is that Frasier lives in a high-rise condo - of which there are none in Queen Anne.

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    Frasier Leaves Charlotte For Lilith In The End

    Frasier Leaves Charlotte For Lilith In The End
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    From Redditor /u/NoticedTriangularity:

    In the final two episodes of Frasier (S11 E23 & 24) "Goodnight Seattle," we see him on a plane, supposedly to San Francisco where he is to start his new dream television job.... at the end it is revealed he has in fact taken a plane to Chicago where his love interest at that time Charlotte has moved. It's a very romantic ending that leaves the audience (rather satisfyingly) wondering whether or not Frasier has finally found the one after 11 seasons.

    Now here's the real kicker, despite Frasier sacrificing his dream job, which he has been building towards... his entire life, to be with a woman - it doesn't work out. The reason I'm not sure, maybe Charlotte dies, maybe she finds someone else, maybe they outgrow each other. The reason is unclear but knowing Frasier it's probably as heart crushing as it is hilarious.

    How do we know that it doesn't work out? Frasier is a spin-off of another highly successful sitcom, Cheers. Although there have been some inconsistencies (Frasier's Dad having been a scientist who died, for example) every single one was accounted for (such as Bartender Sam Malone appearing in Frasier, revealing that Frasier had lied about his father being dead and his career path). The only contradiction throughout Frasier and Cheers (other than whether or not Mary has a brother) is in Cheers S10 E11"I'm Okay, You're Defective." The episode ends years in the future with Lilith and Frederick in a lawyer's office. He says, "I'm sorry for the passing of your husband, Lilith" to which she responds "Frasier was a good man, and we will miss him." The lawyer then reads what is supposed to be Frasier Crane's final request but was, in fact, medical notes about Sam Malone's sperm count.

    What this means is that Frasier sacrifices everything to be with Charlotte, it unfortunately doesn't work out and he ends up marrying Lilith again and keeping what he thought was an old will and testament but was, in fact, medical notes about an old friend of theirs. So although it wasn't the ending we had hoped for where, after soul searching, he and Lilith finally came back together, this isn't actually all that surprising seeing how in some episodes they toy with the idea of having romantic feelings for one another, having intercourse and even having another kid. And with that being said when either Frasier or Lilith had a major issue they would go to each other for advice (such as when Frasier lamented between Lorna and Claire).

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    John Glenn Revealed The Truth About Aliens On 'Frasier'

    John Glenn Revealed The Truth About Aliens On 'Frasier'
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    John Glenn, one of the first men to see the Earth from outside its atmosphere, had a relatively small cameo on an early episode of Frasier. In this episode, he takes over Frasier Crane's radio show and talks about his experience in space. Glenn's monologue revolves around a government cover-up concerning the truth about aliens in space - and showcases Glenn's sense of humor.

    Or does it? Many fans of both Frasier and alien conspiracy theories believe Glenn isn't joking on set, but rather revealing the truth about aliens in a subtle but serious way.

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    'Frasier' Takes Place In The Same Universe As 'I Love Lucy' And 280 Other Shows

    It's no stretch to assume Frasier and Cheers both exist in the same universe, considering the former is technically a spinoff of the latter, but what if the rabbit hole went even deeper than that? What if Frasier takes place in the same world as I Love Lucy? Or Degrassi? Or even CSI and Heroes? This wild fan theory connects them all back to one show in particular: St. Elsewhere. 

    St. Elsewhere was known for its crossovers, and in fact, the doctors from the famous '80s television show made it on to the set of Cheers, which is how Frasier got drawn into the madness of the TV multiverse.

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    Frasier Is Part Of A PSYOP To Get People To Like Starbucks

    Frasier Is Part Of A PSYOP To Get People To Like Starbucks
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    This theory claims Frasier's move from Cheers is one of the reasons Starbucks became so popular. Bars and pubs, such as the one in Cheers, were once the most popular places for television characters to gather and hang out. However, over the course of the '90s, sitcoms increasingly used coffeehouses as a central meeting place. Friends is perhaps the most prominent example of this, but Frasier was known to be far more interested in coffee shops than bars.

    This change in sitcom scenery is supposedly a decades-long psychological priming operation by Big Coffee - including Starbucks. Judging by the popularity of the franchise, the campaign was massively successful if true.

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