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Frat Bros And Sorority Sisters Share Their Most Cruel And Unusual Hazing Stories

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All across the nation, Greek letter organizations are known for employing some intense hazing procedures. The worst fraternity and sorority hazing rituals can be downright macabre, and lead to some extreme acts. The uptick in Greek hazing stories has pushed most states to pass anti-hazing laws, meant to protect fraternity students from rituals that prove traumatic. Despite hazing being banned in most parts of the US, it still occurs year after year.  

People shared their personal experiences of surviving hazing on Reddit, detailing some pretty heinous Greek initiation practices. From uncomfortable intimate acts to cattle-style branding, brace yourself for some weird frat and sorority rituals. 

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    A New Kind Of "Drunk Tank"

    From Lord_Jud:

    This particular frat takes all of their new pledges to a house off campus where there's a UHAUL truck in the driveway. They put the 4 or 5 pledges in the back with a keg and 4 handles of liquor. Before locking the trailer shut, the actives said something along the lines of "You boys better finish all of this by the time we get where we're going," without ever telling them where they were going or why.

    Long story short, after about 2-3 hours of driving the actives stop to check on their fledgling pledges. The keg was tapped, most of the liquor gone, there was apparently an awful lot of p*ss and puke, and a gaggle of very ill, very passed out young fellas.

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    Getting Close To A Watermelon

    From BackJurden

    A rival fraternity would buy watermelons for their pledges and time them [doing things] with said watermelons. The closest your time was to another brother was who your big became in the fraternity. The person who lasted the longest then would have to eat [the leftovers].

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    Getting Stranded Across The Border

    From TheColorTriangle:

    The story at my school is that one frat took their pledges one weekend and drove them to Canada (we are very close to the border), took their passports, and left. The pledges had a list of [illicit] things to do before they would get picked up.

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    From pharabius:

    A rather notorious sorority at my college made new initiates call their boyfriends/love interests and have [suggestive phone calls] with them, with everyone listening. The boyfriends would have to be told after the call was over.

    While this is not physically all that harmful, it ended a lot of relationships/created permanent trust issues, and is really just quite cruel in my opinion.

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