24 Awful Things Frats Did That Got Them Kicked Off Campus

The shock factor of fraternity scandals is waning; every couple of weeks, it seems a new hazing ritual or act of accidental violence lands Greek Life a new spot on America’s shame list. You’d think the most educated youngsters in the 21st century would be above racial chants and illicit, sexually aggressive slam books, right? Think again. This list of fraternity scandals and hazing-gone-wrong will leave you feeling befuddled about the building blocks of brotherhood.

It's sad that a select few chapters have given fraternities as a whole such a bad rap. But when these chapters based on commitment and brotherhood publicly abuse pledges, violently haze people, force members and party goers to black out, and talk openly and casually about sexual assault, bad things are going to happen - university reputations are compromised, affected students suffer psychologically, families suffer, and most importantly and tragically, kids lose their lives.

Aside from shedding light on some of the horrific fraternity culture running rampant throughout college campuses across the US, this list is also a reminder of how dimwitted and negligent people can be. What in your right mind would make you think it’s okay to post racist pictures of yourself (accompanied by racial hashtags) on social media? Why would you EVER email/ document thoughts or jokes about rape? P.S. Those questions are hypothetical.

So prepare yourself to be flabbergasted, but not that surprised, by the ludicrous and horrifying facts about the worst fraternities out there.