Weird Nature Terrifying Bird Facts That Will Haunt Your Dreams  

Mick Jacobs

When you get past the fluffy feathers and sweet songs, birds start to look more like airborne monsters. You probably don't realize how scary birds can be, but the video below might just change your perception of these hollow-boned beings.

Despite their portrayal in modern media, birds get down to much more than just flying in V-formations and pooping on your windshield. Many avian species are capable of feats of intelligence and/or cruelty you never expected from something that eats seeds from a feeder in your garden.

Sometimes birds use these dark talents against humans, but there are occasions when they'll turn them against their own kind as well. Alfred Hitchcock might have been onto something when he directed The Birds.

Watch the video below to discover some freaky facts you never knew about birds. This whole time you feared the bird flu, when you should have just been fearing the birds themselves.