Weird Nature How Many Of These Freaky Looking Fruits Would You Be Willing To Try?  

Mick Jacobs

Despite what Big Food feeds consumers every day, not all fruits look as bright or appetizing as oranges, pineapple, or tomatoes. Many freaky-looking fruits go against the grain of what people perceive as "fruit," and the weirdest ones appear in the below video.

People usually associate fruit with the types of things Carmen Miranda wore on her head, but not all fruits, even when ripe, are quite ready for their closeup. In fact, the closer you get to some gross-looking fruits, the less ripe you probably think they are.

But, each of the disgusting-looking fruits in this video are not only edible, they come with some great taste. With that in mind, would you ever consider trying one of these odd fruits to see what they taste like?

Watch the video below to see if you could put one of these plant ovaries in your mouth. This isn't Fear Factor, it's Fruit Factor.