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Octopuses Can Escape From Almost Anywhere, And It's Pretty Freaky To Watch

Octopuses may yet take over the world: they're just that clever, versatile, and powerful. Of all the coolest facts about octopuses, the most visually fascinating aspect about them lies in their escape abilities. With nary a bone in their bodies, octopuses squeeze through tiny openings like flesh made liquid, their tentacles worming forward while pulling along their meaty heads. Their flexible bodies, coupled with their remarkable intelligence, let octopuses escape through openings hardly big enough for you to fit your hand through. Imagine a 500+ pound octopus moving through a tube the size of a hamster's play area. But an octopus's remarkable pliability allows for more than just Dillinger-level escapes, it also lets them burrow into the ground and set traps for unsuspecting prey. 

To see these talents in action, check out the videos below of octopuses escaping through small openings and vote up the images you think are the wildest. The cephalopods in each video, including the famous octopus, Inky, put even the most talented contortionists to utter shame. Houdini who?