23 People Describe Paranormal And Unexplained Encounters That Freaked Them Out

Despite the abundance of unexplainable phenomena relayed over the years and on the Internet, most paranormal encounters remain mysteries, even to the people witnessing them. While science insists on explanations for everything, some creepy stories simply come without them, real-life cliffhangers that take suspense to the next level. Thanks to the folks at Reddit, a few new creepy encounters with the paranormal can now be added to the world's canon of true paranormal occurrences. None of these narrators walked away from these events with any assurances, except that the world holds more mysteries than anyone could ever hope to explain.

Photo: simpleinsomnia / Flickr.com

  • A Mysterious Light With No Source

    From postulate_that:

    "I was about 14 and had a friend spending the night. It was late, I want to say around 11 PM or so. We were joking around and we both noticed a circle of light on the wall above my bedroom door (brighter than the little desk lamp I had turned on). Now neither of us was freaked out or thinking anything weird was going on, mostly just curious.

    The window was opposite the door so we thought that was where the light was coming from. We closed the blinds and when the light did not go away we closed the curtains as well. The light was still there. We thought that it may still be coming from the window somehow and put our hands up and moved them around to see if we could find where it was coming from (maybe a hole or something). We found nothing. We turned off the desk light thinking it was reflecting off of something. Nope, still there.

    It is now pitch black in the room except for this little circle of light on the wall above my door. Still not scared, I climb up on the edge of my bed and put my hand up in front of the light to see if I can trace where it is coming from. No light on my hand anywhere I put it. I put my hand so close that it is almost touching the circle of light. No light on my hand at all. My friend says "What the heck?" and I can tell we are both very confused.

    Just when I turn back to where the light is behind my hand, it moves! Then it just goes away.....

    My friend and I nope the heck out of my room and sleep in the living room. Still the most un-explainable thing that has happened to me to this day.

  • A Woman's Voice On The Baby Monitor

    From a deleted user:

    "3 AM, and I'm sleeping in bed

    I hear, via baby monitor, the baby beginning to stir and fuss. Then I hear, via baby monitor, a woman's voice humming and whispering 'Shhh, shhhh.' I confirm that the only other person in the house, my wife, is sleeping right next to me.

    I panic, run into the baby's room with violent intentions, and the baby is alone

    Baby falls back asleep, but I do not."

  • Visit From Great-Grandmother

    From HausOfToby:

    "Okay, so this wasn't me, it was my mom. Recently my great-grandmother died; she was extremely close with my mom. So anyway, my mom was on the couch and she was thinking about my great grandmother, when suddenly a small musical wind-up ornament started to slowly spin and play music. It was an ornament that my great grandmother had given my mom when she was little. My siblings swear that they hadn't touched it (it is high up in a cabinet)."

  • They Thought It Was Their Boyfriend

    From Ohsoeasy:

    "I was home alone and heard a key go in the front door. I assumed it was my boyfriend. I hear the door shut. I hear him walk back to the bedroom, open the closet, empty his pockets, turn off the light then close the closet.

    I get up to go greet him. There is nobody there."

  • Weird Things Started After He Passed

    From littlebetenoire:

    "Weird stuff started happening after my brother passed away at our house. My bedroom light would constantly turn itself on, my touch lamp would flick through all it's settings really fast, songs on iPods would suddenly start changing to 'all songs' instead of whatever playlist you were on, and the creepiest, most annoying one was you'd be in one room, walk out, walk back in, and all the paintings on the wall would be on an angle."

  • Something Communicated Through The Walkie-Talkie

    From McAulay_a:

    "This happened to my friends and I when we were about 10. I was at a friend's house, which was right up the street from my house, and another friend was there. (For story's sake, the friend who's house I was at will be Friend One, the other will be Friend Two.)

    We were playing with these walkie-talkies that Friend One had just gotten. This night was in the midst of a week where Friend One was talking about the weird doings of his cats (meowing at nothing, running out of rooms for no reason, etc.). Also, our moms were hanging out down the street at my house. It was about 9 PM and we were joking about how Friend One's house was probably haunted.

    As a joke, Friend One took the walkie-talkies, one in each hand, stuck his arms out to his sides and said 'If there are any ghosts in this house, give us a sign.' Then after a few seconds of no sound but slight giggling from Friend Two and I, Friend One chucked one walkie-talkie across the room to scare us, but instead we found it hilarious.

    While we were laughing, Friend One had set the walkie-talkie he didn't throw on a coffee table in front of him. As the laughter died down, the walkie-talkie on the table just made this weird, howling sound that I have never heard before, never heard since, and haven't been able to accurately describe since. The noise lasted about five seconds, and we were just frozen staring at the walkie-talkie. We then exchanged looks and ran out of the house whilst screaming. We went down to my house and told our moms and basically just were scared the entire night."