Fans Are Sharing Obscure Lore About Fred And George Weasley

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Fred and George might be the black sheep of the Weasley family but that only made them more interesting to both the students of Hogwarts, and readers of the books. There is a lot to learn about the twins that aren't expressly stated in the books and these fans are pointing them out on Reddit.

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    The Twins Were Much Smarter Than They Let On

    From Redditor u/ManiacSpiderTrash:

    I always got the impression that Fred and George did poorly on their OWLs just because they didn’t try that hard. They already knew they wanted to open a joke shop and were putting all their effort into that dream. They were quite skilled, really. They created fireworks that were even better than Dr. Filibuster’s. The bruise from their boxing telescope couldn’t be removed except with the balm they made. Decoy detonators, extendable ears, self writing quills, headless hats, weather in a bottle, not to mention their line of sweets that made you sick. Even Hermione was impressed by their day dream charms in Half-Blood Prince. Fred and George were very smart. They just had different ambitions

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    They Were The Most Popular Weasleys To Attend Hogwarts

    From Redditor u/TamLolaBolton:

    I think that is not entirely true, they are all were quite popular, especially Fred and George and Ginny was fancied by guys a lot. The only ones who looked down on them for being poor was Draco and his crew and many pure blood Slytherins due to the "blood traitor" status, but over all I think they very liked and popular.

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    Their Birthday Is April Fools Day

    From a former Redditor:

    The twins' birthday is April 1 (that's probably not obscure but I love it anyway).

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    George Couldn't Produce A Patronus After Fred's Death

    From Redditor u/SerArysOakheart:

    After Fred's death, George could never produce a patronus.

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    They Became Highly Successful Despite Average OWLs

    From Redditor u/Fleur498:

    Fred and George only got 3 OWLs each. But they seemed to have a lot of friends when they were Hogwarts students, and their business became quite popular.

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    Fred And George Are The Reason Ron Is Afraid Of Spiders

    From Redditor u/CapLFSternn:

    Fred and George changing Ron's beloved teddy bear into a giant f*cking spider and causing him lifelong emotional trauma.

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