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Ranking Freddy Krueger's Best Kills from A Nightmare on Elm Street

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Say what you will about Jason, Michael, and Hannibal - no slasher villain has ever come close to Freddy Krueger's killing creativity. In fact, it's not even a contest. 

So let us take a moment to pay tribute to this wanton master of dream mayhem - truly one of our all-time favorite horror movie maniacs. Nobody kills with the style and humor of Freddy, and no horror franchise has been as much wicked fun as A Nightmare On Elm Street

This list includes some of Freddy Krueger's most memorable kills of all time. But whatever you do, don't fall asleep watching them...

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    Puppet on a String

    Video: YouTube

    In case you were wondering, being turned into a human Pinocchio sucks. From NOES 3, Freddy says "Jump!" and this guy says, "How high?"

    Little-known trivia fact: the original music for this scene was "You're So Vain" by Carly Simon.

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    Too Much TV Is Bad for You

    Photo: Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors / New Line Cinema

    Yes, your parents are right, sitting too close to the television screen is bad for your health - especially when a sociopathic ghost is involved. This classic kill clip features long-forgotten celebs Dick Cavett and Zsa Zsa Gabor, who apparently accidently wandered onto the Nightmare film set after they wrapped up a guest appearances on The Love Boat.    

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    No Pain, No Gain

    Video: YouTube

    One of the most brutal and weird deaths ever conjured up in Freddy's dream world is this cool little snuff job from NOES 4. This one begins as a send-up of the 80s workout craze and ends up turning into something out of Kafka. Truly inspired slaughter with a great tag line at the end!

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    Drugs Kill

    Video: YouTube

    Taryn was doing pretty well in this knife fight until the Fredster used dirty tricks against her - throwing her old vices back in her face to get the better of her. Special shout-out to the victim's awesome mohawk though. Punk's not dead, girlfriend - even if you are!

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