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The Best Free Games On GOG, Ranked

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Steam may still have the biggest library, but GOG — short for Good Old Games — has its fair share of gems, including a sizable repository of older PC classics for gamers who miss those grand old DOS and CD-ROM days. Plus, many gamers find GOG's open interface and ability to let gamers download and make backups of games more fluid and easier to navigate. If you're a PC user who's gaming on a budget, check out these free GOG games, all of which you can download and keep for-ev-er.

While its library may only have a fraction of what Steam can offer, GOG is quickly starting to catch up. From classic RPG adventure games like The Lords of Midnight to new isometric horror epics like CAYNE, vote up all the best free GOG PC games that are currently free to download. That way other games won't have to waste time when they look for their next great adventure.

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  • The Lords of Midnight is an adventure game where you play as, yup, the Lords of Midnight. You guide characters through quests as you try to write a new chapter in history. 

  • Playing as Robert Foster, Beneath a Steel Sky is a point-and-click sci-fi adventure game that takes place in a dynamic city filled with oppressed citizens. 

  • You will play as Lo Wang, a shadow warrior that is a deadly assassin (among other things) as you enter the land of the Rising Sun to spread ninja charisma and defeat some undead sumos and stuff. 

  • Who wants to play the actual game when you can play a game within the game? Gwent is a card game that you can play inside The Witcher 3. It's much more in-depth than a classic mini-game, and as a result, it has developed a cult following. 

  •  POSTAL: Classic and Uncut

    POSTAL: Classic and Uncut

    This psychological thriller is so intense that it was banned in more than 10 countries. There are no crazy aliens or monsters; it's just a good, psychotic game where you try to take down the government. 

  • Stranded on the Red Planet, players need to explore their surroundings as quickly as they can. A large space cannon has been launched, and you'll need to rescue the stranded expedition or risk disaster. 

  • An evil triad of hellspawn have been vanquished and peace now reigns through the land. However, evil is still lurking around the corner and you'll need to seek out it and destroy it in order to maintain the peace. 

  • On a warm summer day an innocent teenager is captured by two men wearing sunglasses. The RGB has struggled to hunt down the kidnappers for six months, so they turn to a fortune teller to give them advice. 

  • As the first game in the series, players take on the role of a character who is waking up in a strange place where they have no memory of who they is. You only have one clue: a hastily written note telling you to meet a stranger in town. 

  • In Bio Menace, players take on the role of Snake Loga, the top head of the CIA, as you fights off ferocious monsters. Your mission is to defeat whatever enemy is thrown your way. 

  • In Tyrian 2000, you play as a Terraforming Engineer that recently lost his partner. Now you must try to survive and avoid being killed by the things that murdered your partner. 

  • This game features a large house with basic gameplay elements. As a stealth horror game, you need to make your way through the house and figure out what kinds of secrets are being held in the big, bad basement. 

  • This real-time strategy game takes place during a war between four races. You will be able to play out 28 different scenarios, and if you complete all of them, you can build new scenarios of your own. 

  • Akalabeth: World of Doom is a traditional dungeon crawler that features 10 different monsters and 3D graphics. You play as Mondain, the second-born son of Wolfgang that wants to get his brother's inheritance. 

  • Jill is a woman that has fought to survive her entire life. Unfortunately, she isn't done fighting just yet as you'll need to harness her skills to make your way through the jungle and uncover its secrets. 

  • Treasure Adventure Game

    Treasure Adventure Game

    Treasure Adventure Game is a role-playing adventure game where you play as a young boy who is stranded on an island. By traveling the bright 2D environment you'll quickly learn that it is a fragment from what was once a much larger continent.

  • As an Avatar, you've been transported by our Moonstone to a fierce new world. You'll need to work with the native tribes to defeat a common threat: a race of giant ants. 

  • Doomdark's Revenge

    Doomdark's Revenge

    It's been a long time since the Lords of Midnight first appeared. Those of you that were around for it need no reminding of their fury. However, now a new struggle approaches: Doomdark's Revenge.

  • Ascendant


    This beat 'em up game uses roguelike elements like permadeath and procedurally generated environments. You play as a demigod who is invading the plane of one of his rivals. They will stop at nothing to stop you. 

  • In the future there will be a huge war for survival. The Zilions are secretly preparing for a massive strike against Ytima, but and elite squad of Stargunners is being trained. You play as one of those Stargunners as your one and only mission is to strike first and strike hard.

  • Joe pilot is the pilot of the Amazon Queen. You'll need to navigate through lots of action in this point-and-click adventure epic. 

  • Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves

    Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves

    This game combines action and strategy. You will be transported into an epic folktale that features two feuding brothers. However, they will need to put aside their differences to save their sister from the Devil. 



    CAYNE is an isometric horror game that puts players in the role of Hadley after she wakes up in a strange facility. You'll need to uncover the reason why you're there and what secrets the area holds. 

  • In Lure of the Temptress, you're dropped into the troubled land of Turnvale. Skori warriors have arrived to wreak havoc on the region, and you'll need to complete missions to stop them. 

  • Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure

    Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure

    Set in 1988, you will play as Delores Edmund as she returns to Thimbleweed Park for a vacation. Initially, the park seems the same, but after a while, things start to look a little different.