Graveyard Shift

Fresno Nightcrawlers Are Terrorizing The Dark, And They’re Spreading Far From California

Fresno, California, might not always be the most exciting place in the world, but it has one claim to fame that's out of this world. The Fresno Nightcrawler sightings began back in the 1990s and have only occurred a few times since then. These strange beings are cryptids that look like pants, but are only a few feet high and are seen just wandering around. There are only a few eyewitnesses in Fresno, but the Nightcrawlers do pop up on other surveillance cameras, startling whoever checks the CCTV tapes.

Much video footage of cryptids is easily debunked by video analysis, but the weird thing about the Nightcrawlers is that the videos seem to be legit. According to the experts on the Sci-Fi Channel's Fact or Faked, faking these mysterious creatures would prove to be a difficult task. So, what exactly is on these tapes?

No one is entirely sure, but theorists propose the odd creatures could be ghosts, aliens, a possessed pair of pants, or one of the weirdest hoaxes ever concocted. No one may ever know for sure. However, the known facts about the Fresno Nightcrawlers are enough to leave viewers scratching their heads.