Graveyard Shift Fresno Nightcrawlers Are Terrorizing The Dark, And They’re Spreading Far From California  

Laura Allan
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Fresno, California, might not always be the most exciting place in the world, but they have one claim to fame that's out of this world. The Fresno Nightcrawler sightings began back in the 1990s, and have only occurred a few times since then. These strange beings are cryptids that look like pants, but are only a few feet high and just wandering through the street. There are only a few eyewitnesses in Fresno, but they do pop up on surveillance cameras, startling whoever has the misfortune to check the tapes the next day.

Much video footage of cryptids is easily debunked by video analysis, but the weird thing about the nightcrawlers is that the videos seem to be legit. As goofy and awkward as these mysterious creatures may appear, faking them would prove to be a difficult task. So, then, what exactly are we seeing here?

No one is entirely sure. Ghosts? Aliens? A possessed pairs of pants? One of the weirdest alien hoaxes ever concocted? We may never know, but the facts about the Fresno Nightcrawlers we do know are enough to leave anyone scratching their head.

They Began To Show Up On Video Footage In Fresno

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It was sometime in the 1990s (or the 2000s, depending on who you ask) that the Nightcrawlers first began to emerge. One night, a family in Fresno, California, decided to set up a security camera above their garage, because they often heard their dogs barking at night. Perhaps it was a burglar, perhaps it was a strange animal. What they saw the next day was enough to shock them into calling the police.

The footage showed a pair of strange, small creatures, only a few feet in height. They walked almost surreally across the screen, and the family figured it was these things that had caused their dogs to bark so much. Neither the family nor the police could figure out what these creatures were! Soon, the media got ahold of the footage, and the Fresno Nighcrawlers were all the rage. The family decided they wanted to remain anonymous, so as to avoid the supernatural spotlight.

They Could Be Aliens

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One of the prevailing theories about these creatures is that they are aliens. They may move like people sometimes, but they are too small and move too awkwardly to be human. They don't resemble any known terrestrial creatures either. It stands to reason, then, that they may not be of this planet. 

This also raises yet another question though, as to why they are here. They don't seem to be stealing anything or want to do anyone any harm, and they've yet to abduct any person or animals. So, are they here to study us, then? Because they are not traveling alone, and some of the creatures appear to be smaller than the others, perhaps it is merely a family vacation to... Fresno. As unlikely as that might sound, that is still one theory as to why the Nightcrawlers are visiting us. True, they have never been accompanied by UFOs, but the alien hypothesis is still a popular one. 

It Might Be Straight Out Of Native American Lore

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One of the more interesting answers to many Nightcrawler questions actually has to do with local Native American legend. According to tribe members that live near Fresno, the Nighcrawlers are beings that have pretty much always lived on earth, even before human beings got there. According to these myths, the Nightcrawlers have long legs that allow them to move through difficult or boggy landscapes, because they are swamp-world beings.

The beings are part of our world now in order to rebuild a connection between human beings and our natural surroundings, as a sort of peace bringer. While they don't seem to have made any noticeable efforts of doing this so far, the fact that stories about them have existed for generations indicates that they might be nothing new to Fresno.

They May Have Spread To Yosemite

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While there were whispers of other unconfirmed sightings, that might have been the end of it. Except, the Nightcrawlers popped up again, this time somewhere very different. 

In March of 2011, Yosemite National Park officials were putting up cameras in an attempt to catch vandals that had been stealing and damaging private property. Instead, what they caught was some rather distressing footage. The security cameras again captured images of pale, small, and limbless creatures, just walking down one of the park paths. Again, once the media got ahold of the footage, the Fresno Nightcrawlers were on everyone's lips once more.

The creatures appeared to be the same as the ones that had shown up on film in the '90s, and they appeared to walk and behave in the same way. There were a handful of reported sightings, but neither Yosemite nor Fresno had them show up on any more security footage.